Backlash on Bank Fees

Backlash On Rip-Off Bank Fees

Here in the UK theres  been a huge backlash against the banks and building societies who charge monthly fees for certain types of bank accounts, known as packaged bank accounts. These accounts come with extras the customer may not need or may not be of any use to.  So customers  pay  a monthly fee and  do not make use of the extras. Due to this the public has decided enough is enough and has started to reclaim all bank fees since they opened packaged bank accounts.

These rip-off bank fees are being refunded to customers who started a  claim.  Customers are being refunded all the bank fees plus interest too.  Banks  are paying out due to  being found to have mis-sold packaged bank accounts.  We offer a now win no fee service to help you start your claim.  Simply fill in the form and a claims advisor specialist will contact you to discuss your claim.